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Bridging together our wealth of experience designing and implementing solar projects throughout the UK, we will ensure the highest possible quality service at exceptional value for money

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Solar Panels for Businesses

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Welcome to Solar for Business

Over the years' we've helped all types of owners save money by getting solar panels for their companies. Our experience from start to finish and through all stages of the process is second to none. We formed this company as we wanted to combine the skill-sets and nation leading expertise of our founders. You can find out more about us and see for yourself what an outstanding pool of talent we have pulled together by clicking here.

Over 80% of all our new business comes from recommendations and referrals. That why it's important that we give you great advice, whether or not you use our services. We've worked with landlords, property developers, financial directors, CEO's, architects, landowners as well as office managers and shop-keepers. From consultancy, planning and finance to installation and ongoing maintenance, we offer a complete bespoke solution to suit every individuals needs.

If you're considering solar panels please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. We operate under a strict no-obligation, no hard selling, no-pressure policy and hope that our expert knowledge and sound advice will be enough to win you over on its own.

Latest Articles

solar panel problems

The Trouble With Commercial Solar

Common Problems with Solar Panels If you own or occupy a commercial / industrial or other large building the chances are you’ve noticed that other similar buildings around are increasingly sprouting solar panels on their available roof areas. You may even have investigated whether they may be a good idea for you, or been approached […]

Solar Panels for Schools

Solar Panels for Schools

Solar for Schools A fair number of schools across the country have now had solar PV systems installed on to them, but there are a huge number of educational buildings around that could still benefit from having solar PV systems installed onto them. If you’re on a schools board of governors, part of its management […]

Solar PV for Hospitals

Solar Panels for Hospitals

Solar PV for hospitals There are few organisations that have larger portfolios of buildings than a Hospital. With the increasing pressure on Governmental organisations to reduce their energy use and carbon emissions there is a great opportunity to use Hospital buildings to generate some of the large quantities of energy that they use at the […]

Solar PV for Offices

Solar Panels for Office Buildings

Solar Panels for Offices There are a huge number and variety of office buildings across the UK, from small industrial units with an office room, to grand high-rise blocks and sprawling low-rise complexes. Even more than for other classes of building, solar systems for office buildings always have to be assessed specifically for the site in […]